One month on the road – Panama

Isla Zapatilla ‘1

After two weeks in a communistic country i couldn’t believe my luck to be able to buy anything i want again. 
No big queues in front of the supermarket anymore, everything available, even real capuccino, different meals to pizza and rice with fish/meat. 
No need to buy a wifi card (which you can only use in one public place in town).
That hype lasted for the first few days, then i got used to it and it got everyday life again which also made it a little bit boring, but i don’t wanna complain 🙂 

I did a little loop in Panama so far. 
I went from Panama City to Boquete and from there to Bocas del Toro.
The Palmar Lodge on Isla Bastimentos was my favourite place in Bocas (just between Red Frog Beach and the Jungle were we saw sloths and red frogs, for sure! :))
Right now i made it again to Boquete, my favourite town so far in Panama, where i stay in this beautiful hostel Castle
I do have here my last week of spanish lessons. 

Aaaand I changed my plans a little. 
So now after i finish my spanish course here in Boquete, i`ll go to the pacific coast (i have heard the weather is supposed to be really good there) and from there on i am going to make my way down to Panama City again to take a speed boat tour to Colombia! 
I chose the speedboat tour because it seemed to me the most adventurous and also cheapest way to make it to Colombia without crossing the rebels in the boarder area between Colombia and Panama.

Pictures here

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