Climbing the highest point on the earth – measured by the middle of the earth. 
What a romantic thought to be the closest person to the moon. 

Feeling worried and anxious two days before the hike.
A guide died exactly there three days ago on the mountain. 
Even if I was pretty good acclimatized, I didn‘t know how my body reacts to anything higher than 5000 Meter. 

We set off at 4800 meters around 10:30 in the night with the goal to reach the summit at sunrise.
It started pretty bad – I felt super tired, because of the lack of sleep the last days and my legs already hurt a lot. Having this super heavy ski boots on, that‘s obvious I thought. 
It was an unbelievable clear sky with such a great view at the stars. 
When we got higher I felt sicker and sicker. 
My head hurt like crazy and I was a couple of times about to lose balance. Close to big stones on a snowy path. 
At 5300 Meter my guide and Julia looked at me and said I lost my color, that my head was white.
(all symptoms of altitude sickness as my guide told me)
We got some more meters up, but I couldn‘t make it. 
I had to turn back – We had to turn back ;(

Back at the Refugio at 2 o‘clock in the night I felt completely sick, my head was bumping and my eyes were completely red. Everything was turning and I was hallucinated on a standby light. What an experience. 
I`m really happy for my My body’s self-defense mechanisms and every drug he has to offer 🙂
Anyway, I’m sad but also really thankful for this boundary experience and to got to know my height limit.

I feel so sorry for you, Julia cause you had to turn back as well and thank you Patricio, for bringing me down safe. I don’t know if I would not have fallen without the rope you hold. 
And respect to everyone who makes it up there. It’s a crazy effort. 

Now off to new adventures, climbing and canyoning in Baños and then to the coastline!

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