One month on the road – Cuba

So here we are now travelling one month through Cuba and Panama right now. 

Started in, at least for me, one of the most difficulties places to travel, in Cuba. 
At least if you travel in a more inconvenient way, away from the comfort zone and closer to locals, which i couldn’t even speak two straight sentences with. (but my spanish is getting better, a little bit at least :))
Everything was really kind of exhausting, talking with people and negotiating. 
Also the returned money wasn`t right most of the time, which still makes me having suspicious against other people. 

When i was travelling here i met exactly two kinds of people:

  •  The ones who loved it here, which have the mindset that people in Cuba have a hard enough life and for us it doesn’t really make a difference if we spent one dollar more or less for a certain thing. So we don’t have to live in this communistic countryand therefore it`s just fair to give them more money.
  • The other ones who didn’t like it here had more of a feeling of being stolen. The thing is you would even give them a little bit more money if their service is good, the people are nice to you or you just have a good taxi/horse/tuktuk ride to a place. But there is no chance you can do that, cause they are gonna take your Cucs (the tourist currency which is one to one with the US$) anyway. They type in different prices in their calculator for you, even if in a supermarket the price is fixed written and the item is barcoded. 

Anyway i had a really cool time in Cuba and at the most beautiful beaches. 
I try to show you some of it. 
My trip started in Havanna, over the lovely mountain town Vinales to Trinidad and from there to Moron, the closest place to the islands of Cayo Coco and Cayo Guillermo

The other thing which is pretty difficult in Cuba is to travel along dusty roads away from the mainstream if you’re travelling with public transports.
From some towns, for example Viñales you exactly have two possibilities to go to. Either Havanna(where i just have been before) or Trinidad. 
If you wanna go anywhere else you have to take a private taxi which is really expensive. 
Otherwise you always share the collective taxi with at least three other people. 

What i enjoyed most on my trip in Cuba were the people i met and with whom i was travelling for more than a week.
I had moments here where i had this unruly feeling of freedom, which just came to me when i had a ride in an old chevrolet with all windows opened. 
You get to see the whole beauty of the nature here, put your hand outside of the window and you feel just unbelievable free. 

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