About Me

Patrick, 31 years old.

Currently living in Europe`s loveliest city Vienna as an adoptive home.
Born and raised in the beauty of the Bavarian alps.

I´m Writing about anything fancy, interesting, funny, afecting.
Mostly about music, photography, guitar playing, sports.
Mainly self-educated.

Got a favour for good concerts, good food and good talks.
Favourite Drink: Moscow Mule 🙂

Proposals, movie, music suggestions and love letters are accepted with pleasure.

Why am I writing in English:
After my time in New Zealand and South East Asia I got used to write down my days and weeks in English.
It seemed to me that after that time meeting people and making new experiences i got used to thinking in the language i spoke.
That`s why i started writing my diary in that language and it feels felt more natural to me. 🙂
A lot of things changed and of course, I lost the fluency again just by not speaking it on a daily basis.

Nevertheless, things are there to get exercised, so i use this blog also to improve my English and my web developing skills on the other hand.

Current Mission:
Travel the world