Travel the World 2018/19

On December the 11th i will start my big trip around the world.
The following countries i wanna to visit
Cuba ~ 2 weeks (Dec) relax, snorkel,
Panama ~ 4 Wochen (Jan), learn spanish, via sail trip to 
Colombia ~ 7 weeks (Feb, Mar), trails, national parks, surfing
Ecuador + Galapagos ~ 4 weeks (april), nature, wild life 
Bolivia ~ 4 weeks (Mai)
Brasil ~ 4 weeks (June), Rio and surroundings  

These are more or less fixed points on my route, everything else is open. 
Maybe after Brasil to south Africa or the other way over Hawaii to Japan and Nepal, depending on my mood 🙂

Bild via Pixabay

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  1. Sauber Patz. Werd gwies a richtig berigs Abenteuer. Hoit uns aufm laufenden!!! Grüße Reisi

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